A.N OTHER PARFUM | FL 2018 Fragrance


AN Other are Parfum grade perfumes made using the very best, eco-sustainable, responsibly sourced, non-toxic, dye-free ingredients. 

FL/2018 explores classic light and dark textures infused with a modern twist by Nathalie Benareau. The scent is a playful combination of sumptuous leather and night-blooming Jasmine fused together by Mate Absolute.

Mate absolute is a fairly new raw material. It is a dark paste extracted from natural yerba mate leaves, a traditional South American plant used for its energizing effect. Mate Absolute is very substantive. It has a beautiful tea-like and tobacco effect on the skin that gives FL/2018 its distinct sensuality.

Symrise’s Natalie Benareau, the perfumer that created FL/2018, explains: “I used this high-quality raw material called Mate Absolute to bring a truly luxurious effect to the fragrance. It is very expensive, and I can rarely afford to use it.”

Notes: Top: Cotton Candy / Elemi / Saffron Heart: Brazilian Mate / Night Blooming Jasmine / Ambrette Base: Aged Leather / Cashmere Musk / Labdanum / Amberwood

 Fragrances are created under the "Green Company" seal. Magnetic caps are made from a thermoset resin in a cradle to grave sustainable manufacturing process. 32% of the resin ingredients are plant-based and come from renewable sources.  Packaging is made from recycled cardboard in a beautiful gift style box. 

size: 50 ml spray bottle 

Made in USA

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