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Rose Eau de parfum

Rose and musk, a subtle mix of floral and powder scents for a sensual yet tender result. 

A rose perfume made of Damask rose absolute and essence with fresh and floral notes. The Damask rose is a fresh and noble rose, sometimes referred as the queen of roses, that was chosen to develop the n°101 rose perfume. 

Perfumer Alexandra Monet added a green and spicy touch with cardamome as a top note. The heart of the rose perfume is made of sweet pea and muguet harmony to light up a floral scent. The base note of the rose perfume contains musk and white cedar for a sweet and powdery feeling. At the end, the patchouli brings some character to the rose perfume.

What’s a rose essence and a rose absolute? 
The essence of rose is obtained by distillation. They use an alembic to transform rose buds into aromatic molecules through water steam. At the end of the process the essence of rose is collected from the steam, drop per drop. 

The rose absolute is obtained by solvent extraction. The rose buds are soaked in an organic solvent that will evaporate the aromatic molecules. The evaporation will create a sort of compact dough that contains all the interesting parts of the plant. This substance will then be turned into a liquid by adding alcohol. A filtration is finally necessary to obtain the absolute of rose. 

Did you know? 
You need approximatively 5 tons of roses to make 1kg of rose essence  when only 400kg of roses are necessary to obtain 1kg of rose absolute. Therefore the rose essence is rare and precious. The smell of the rose essence is also fresh and citrusy and is way more intense than the smell of rose absolute. 

What’s an harmony? 
An harmony consists of matching two or several raw materials together. Perfumes are usually made of different harmony. At Bon Parfumeur all the harmonies are unique and made in France by their perfumers. Even though they use raw materials from all around the world the perfumes are 100% made in France

How to use it:

Spritz on pulse points like wrists, neck, behind ears, and inner elbows to make your fragrance last longer.

30 ml (1 fl.oz.)


Alcohol denat., fragrance, water, eugenol, limonene, linalool. 85% vol. 

Cruelty free

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