Knititiude Sienna Crop Cardigan Sweater

$70.80 $118

No such thing as too many cardigans and the Sienna is no exception! It's an easy fall staple to "throw over any outfit" that will keep you warm all season long. Bonus that it's a semi-crop length to wear with all the high waisted things. 

Fabric content; 49% poly, 30% acrylic, 13% nylon, 5% wool, 3% spandex

approximate measurements 

XS/S; 19.5 total length, 20" sleeve length (top of shoulder to cuff)

M/L; 20.5" total length, 22" sleeve length (top of shoulder to cuff)

hand wash cold or dry clean 

lay flat to dry 

Brands environmental impact 

Reduces demands on materials by producing zero waste through 3D technology, using eco-friendly labeling and packaging to installing a Grade A Waste Water Treatment Plant which ensures nothing harmful is put back into the environment. 

The dyeing process is an evolving journey. Dying is currently done on site after creating the knitwear. The brand follows stringent Chemical Management measures, ensuring no hazardous chemicals are released into our eco-system.

No seam, no cutaways, no zero waste. 

By implementing 3D Knitwear technology, they have changed the way they produce knitwear, creating WHOLEGARMENT. Designed to create high-quality flawless garments, 3D Knitwear technology has the capability to mold to each unique body type, resulting in a seamless and comfortable fit.

Garments are designed to get the most out of each yarn and eliminate waste.

More questions? email for support 

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