Bouquet Floral Scarf


Exclusive limited edition design scarf that can worn a multitude of ways. Wear in your hair as a pony tie, twisted headband, bandana, or even Grace Kelly style.

Also can be worn as a neck scarf or tied to your handbag. Pretty framed up on the wall too. 

ethically sourced fabric; 70% cotton / 30% silk


Machine Hemmed

The designer's patterns are influenced by her Asian American heritage, the natural world and its expansive varieties of plants and animals and their infinite intricacies of detail.

Her designs strive to transport you to places that are both deeply familiar and imaginative.

Designed in San Francisco

Ethically sourced 70% cotton x 30% luxurious silk, which originated in China, printed with eco-friendly dyes and is one of the oldest fabrics known to man. (USA does not produce silk)

She is dedicated to sourcing high quality materials from ethical companies and is supplied by responsible operators based in China.

Please note that we do our best to capture the correct color but monitors may differ. Please feel free to email any questions to prior to purchase.

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